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The following guide will teach you the basic instructions needed for making your own boilies and can be used as a guideline for making any boilies. In this guide I will be using the following recipe;
4oz Semolina
4oz Soya Flour
4oz Cornmeal
2oz Milk Powder
2oz Strawberry Milkshake Powder
2 Large Eggs
2tsp Nijer Seed
2tsp Corn Grit
25ml Strawberry Milkshake Syrup
25ml Supermarket Red Food Colouring

Put you dry ingredients into a large air tight freezer bag, blow into it and seal, then give it a really good shake and set to one side.

Next take your eggs break into a large mixing bowl and gently whisk until all the yolk and White have mixed in together and add your liquid ingredients and colourings into the eggs and gently stir them in.

Take your dry ingredients and add one cupful at a time into the eggs stirring it in until you can’t move the fork easily, now get your hands dirty and keep adding your base mix until you have a dough that resembles playdough.

Roll out the dough into sausages either using your hands, a rolling table or a sausage gun. Now either put the sausages into a rolling table to make your boilies or break small pieces off and roll in your hand.

Finally boil your boilies 10/15 at a time for approximately 90-120 seconds depending on the size of your boilies, then air dry for 24/48 hours and freeze until ready to use.

You can also make a simple matching glug by mixing 100ml Glycerine, 30ml Strawberry Milkshake Syrup and 5ml Red Liquid Food Colouring.



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Sweetcorn Boilies


4oz Semolina
4oz Soya Flour (or Haith’s CLO)
4oz Full Cream Milk Powder
2oz Rice Flour
1oz Wheatgerm
1oz Corn Grit (Crushed Hemp if you prefer)
2 Large Eggs
10ml Bait-Tech Corn Steep Liquor
5ml Oyster Sauce
114g Undrained Tin Sweetcorn Liquidized
2tsp Brewers Yeast
1tsp Betaine
1tsp Paprika
1tsp Ground Himalayan Rock Salt
1tsp Chilli Powder
1tsp Yellow Powdered Food Colouring

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Tuna Boilies


4oz Semolina
4oz Soya Flour
2oz Corn Grit (Cornmeal if you can’t get Corn Grit)
2oz Fishmeal
2oz Full Fat Milk Powder
1oz Wheatgerm
1oz Crushed Hemp Seed
1 Large Egg
100ml Water
1 x Tin of Tuna in Brine
5ml Bait-Tech CSL
4tsp Chilli Powder
2tsp Brewers Yeast
2tsp Fructose
1tsp Ground Rock Salt
10ml Bait-Tech Omega3 Fish Oil
10ml Black Food Colouring

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Coconut Cream Boilies


6oz Semolina
4oz Soya Flour
2oz 5Pints Milk Powder
1oz Crushed Hemp
1oz Coconut Flour
2oz Horlicks
3 Large Eggs
50ml Condensed Milk
2tbsp Desiccated Coconut
10ml Cod Liver Oil
2.5ml Vanilla Flavouring
2.5ml Almond Flavouring
5ml CSL
1tsp Salt

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Pineapple Boilies


4oz Semolina
4oz Soya Flour
2oz Ground Rice
2oz Cornmeal
2oz SMA Gold Milk Powder
2oz Crushed Hemp Seed
3 Large Eggs
10ml Glycerine
5ml Pineapple Flavouring (20ml If your using Squirtz)
5ml CSL
1tsp Brewers Yeast
1tsp Ground Rock Salt
If you want to make this with Tinned Pineapple take out the Pineapple Flavouring and 1 egg. Then replace with 50ml Pineapple Juice and 2 Liquidized Pineapple Rings.

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Spicy Tomato Boilies


4oz Semolina
4oz Soya Flour
3oz Ground Rice Flour
2oz Milk Powder
1oz Wheatgerm
1oz Corn Grit
0.5oz Egg Albumin
0.5oz Brewers Yeast
1 Large Egg including crushed shell
100ml Water
60ml Tomato Purée
3tsp Chilli Powder
1tsp Betaine
1tsp Sea Salt
1tsp Coarse Ground Black Pepper
1tsp Paprika
1 Multivitamin Tablet Crushed
Red Powder Food Colouring (to what shade you want)

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